Library For All Ages

At our library, you have access to every type of book imaginable and they’re all available to borrow. Whether you’re looking to learn something new or picture book or want to get lost in a mystery or romance or sci-fi or realistic fiction, here you can find books of all genres for all ages. You might be surprised to learn about all the other resources that we have for you. We have toys, puzzles, board games to check out and special events such as story time, special classes and book launches or visiting authors.

Library Membership

Children love libraries

If you want your kids to love books, bring them to the library often. Allow them to browse on their own and find the books that interest them. Introduce them to the librarian who will always be ready with a smile and recommendations. Kids who grow up around books love books forever.

The library is a quiet place to work/study

If you need to work or study but don’t want to do it at home, skip the noisy coffee shop. Your public library offers free Wifi, plenty of desk space, and other people working so you don’t feel as if you’re alone. They’ll even let you bring in your own coffee.

Magazines / Newspapers

Pikk a Book library subscribes to local newspapers, as well as most popular magazines. You don’t even have to borrow them to bring home. Just come for some quiet time to relax in a comfy chair and catch up on news or the latest scandals.

The library is a place to learn beyond books

We have a huge variety of educational puzzles / educational aids, board games, manipulatives that help your kids to learn through creativity. All our puzzles are available to borrow.

Membership plan

Below is our Membership plan. All the packages in our Premium plan give you unlimited access to books, however, you can borrow 6 books at one time and there can be multiple exchanges of the books.


Type of Packages

Categories Rent a Book (pay as you read)Premium MemberCouple Package (2 persons) Reader Package
One time Registration Fee (Rs) 200200200150/hour
Book Security (Refundable)50010001500300/daily
Monthly feeRs 100 per Book12001500900/weekly
Quarterly feeRs 100 per Book250040003000/monthly
Half yearlyRs 100 per Book450070007000/quarterly
AnnuallyRs 100 per Book79001200010000/half yearly
No of Books one can borrow at one time136
Duration of borrowed books10 - 12 Days1010
Maximum number of books in a monthUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
No of hours one can spend in library everydayNOT APPLICABLE 1hr1hr
Books can be borrowed from Anywhere in LibraryAnywhere in LibraryAnywhere in Library

The library also has a lot of creative & educational puzzles to engage children of all ages.